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Application development cost:

Application cost depends on which type of app you are building. There are three platforms of building apps.

  1. Android
  2. IOS
  3. Android and iOS both

Next thing is that whether people have to log into that app or not. If they have to login so which thing do this app require from them to login? There are two ways of logging in.

  1. Email
  2. Social media accounts.

Next thing is that people will create their personal accounts or not. If we say yes so next thing will be do you want to make money from app or not if yes, so there are two ways for that.

  1. Upfront cost
  2. In-app purchases.

If we select in-app purchases, as it’s mostly used way. So, next step we need to know is that whether people rate or review thing in that app? So we will select yes. Next question arises is that does our application connect with some other website or not. If we consider it as yes, so next thing is about user-interface of application, does it appears to be beautiful? We select yes here. Next thing is about application icon which is most important thing. So we select yes. So final estimated app cost is $87,800. It’s estimated if we use best thing and workers.

Application development courses:

Android development courses:

  1. Official android developer:

This course helps us to learn each and every basic essential thing step by step to develop an application.

  1. Developing android apps:

This is a self-paced course on udacity platform. It includes theory and practice.

  1. Android app course:

This course helps in writing applications of mobile phones.

Windows apps development courses:

  1. Training courses of windows phone:

Theses series of app development are available for learning basics of windows applications by Microsoft virtual teacher. These courses are for applications of windows 8.1

  1. Getting started with Microsoft apps:

It’s an automatic app creator which can easily create apps on a specific platform for windows 8.1 and windows 10.

  1. How to create an app for windows 8.1:

This is a self-paced course which automatically creates software’s for windows 9.1

IOS application development courses:

  1. IPhone application development courses:

These are guided by Stanford university students. It includes series of video tutorials which help in making iOS applications for iOS 7.

  1. Developing iOS 8 apps with swift:

It’s another course from Stanford University that offers people to make iOS 8 applications on swift platform or iTunes has tools and APIs required to build iPhone applications. Swift platforms also have programming languages.

  1. Intro to iOS app development with swift:

It is for those people who already know about programming is basic step towards becoming an iOS developer.

  1. Tutorials for iPhone app development:

There are almost 40 tutorials about iOS app development by user then ewboston on YouTube. These will help you to develop an iOS based application.


Tools and software’s to develop apps with little knowledge:

Following are tools available for app development of all 3 platforms.

  1. Appmakr
  2. BuzzTouch
  3. Appsbar
  4. Phonegap
  5. Appyet

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