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Business Ideas 2017

A business idea is a concept that can be implemented in market for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered in exchange of money. Business idea is the base of the pyramid when it comes to the business as a whole, to start a business four things must be kept in mind. The business idea must be:

  • Innovative (totally new business that is not implemented before)
  • Unique (Business idea should be totally different)
  • Problem solving (business idea should offer those services or products which solve the problems of clients)
  • Profitable (Business idea should not only provide services or products to clients but also gives benefit to the owner)

Business ideas are linked to its creator who needs to be truly convinced of the business value in order to make it happen. Following are some business ideas 2017 listed which are innovative, unique and latest.

1.  Wooden Taps and Faucets

In Pakistan is easily available in cheap prices. It is an innovative idea, because wood is often kept away from water in kitchen or bathroom, only furniture is made from the wood. That is why the business idea of wooden taps is to design taps and faucets to put them right in direct contact with water, to use them in an innovative yet impressive way. The faucets are designed in different styles in order to make them right for integrating into your bathroom either as a sink faucet or a fixture of the shower. This helps to seam a natural touch without forcing you to rely on furniture or other equipment to make a space more natural.

1.  The Smart Laundry Cabinet

Laundry is a routine task that usually requires extensive time and hard work to perform, but the Smart Laundry Cabinet is proposed to make this a concept of the past. No need to spend too much time and waste water on laundry. The cabinet appliance design works by enabling you to place your stained garments in it and allow the unit to work by itself. You can go to work or anywhere, or do anything you want let the clothes clean themselves. The cabinet will work to wash, dry and iron your cloths you have no need to worry about anything all the things will operate smartly.

The Business Idea Smart Laundry Cabinet enables you to place your clothes into the unit and have it be washed and prepared all by itself. No need to worry for less time, water or anything else.

2.  Tour Guide Agency

Pakistan is a country which is full of beauty, there are many beautiful places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which are just like heaven on earth yet many people don’t know them. Basic business idea behind the tour guide agency is to tell the people about these places and properly guide them about such places. People today don’t want to get in the difficulty of tickets and their hotel reservations, they just want to relax and enjoy. If you love to travel and are good at managing trips this is a business idea with great potential.

Not only in Pakistan but in America, Chicago receives almost 50 million tourists which generate around 900 million dollars in the tax revenue. With such great leverage this business idea should be a top choice.

3.  Event Management Company

Some people are too good at managing things or events they love to manage things, some people has this skill as a hobby. With more education and technology, the cities are getting more developed. In different cities there are tons of events which requires prodigious managers. With team of enthusiastic people this business can grow to the skies. With the passage of time and more experience more reputation will build. This business has a lot of potential. You can make it online to increase your patrons and extend to the multinational level. The more the repo and audience will be bigger the order will be received.

4.  Taxi Service

In this era everyone is uses smart phone and is connected to the internet. The business idea behind the taxi service is to make an android application which will have registered taxies and customers. Any person who wants to travel to office, school or market beside he or she has to wait in the taxi stand instead they will use the taxi service application to call the taxi by single touch.

This application will use the GPS of the cell phone when the customer will touch the book taxi button on the cellphone, all the available drivers nearby will get the notification, any driver who will accept the notification will automatically get the route set by the google maps.

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