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Simple app ideas

Simple app ideas:

Hi guys we are here again with a simple app ideas so that you can explore and can make your own destination giving it a reality. Try not to stress over what you’re doing. You can’t please everybody. Numerous fruitful thoughts look unworkable or disagreeable until they go beyond the idea.

There are a lot of ideas which are not yet been implemented and you can be the one to implement that, Ideas can also be abstract concepts that do not present as mental images.

Ideas are essential as well. Without Ideas, advance isn’t made, change doesn’t occur, quite a bit of human improvement stops. But ideas can’t go anyplace unless they are acknowledged and actioned. Also, you can’t activity anything without the underlying idea.

Why simple app idea?

The market for apps are growing day by day and the competition are growing as well so a person with new and simple app ideas can lead the market and can end up changing the world. Simple interface and easy to use system are more preferable applications. Underestimating the importance of your user interface is something most amateur and user engagement increase dramatically. Give your users a positive experience and they will spend time with your app.

Ideas you can get for your new venture:

Here are some simple app ideas you can use to take a new start and can create your successful venture, you have heard about the game  Flappy Bird when Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese designer, yanked his popular video-game Flappy Bird from the internet on February 10th, it was game-over for an estimated $50,000 a day from advertising. Look at the game what was it, this was just a simple app idea and now you don’t even can think to purchase that game.

Few App ideas for you:

Here are few Simple app ideas I want to share with you and it’s up to you how you convert it into reality.

  1. Real-Time Translation:

A very simple app idea to translate the speech into the desire language.

With this new feature, users are able to choose a language, speak into their mobile device’s built-in microphone and see spoken words appear before their eyes on the screen.

  1. Pick-a-Bike:

Another very simple App idea that can generate high quality leads, Lets Users Locate & Rent Bicycles Using Their Smart Phones. What’s extraordinary about this brilliant bike sharing app is that it doesn’t expect clients to stress over awkward participation cards or keys. Or maybe, clients can essentially utilize the Pick-a-bike application to see a guide of accessible bikes, pick a bike and after that get a code that enables them to open their bike of decision and lease it at the phenomenal cost of just $1 every hour.

  1. Digital Scan App:

What I think it is very fruitful and simple app idea by which you can lead the market very easily. There are a lot of scanner applications that are fit for assisting with the way toward changing over a substantial bit of paper into a computerized record, In the same way as other applications, the Adobe Scan application enables clients to transform a cell phone’s camera into a scanner, what you have to do is just convert that image into editable format so that a person took image and edit it according to its requirements.


If you don’t have the knowledge of app development you can also make web application. There are many simple web app ideas for beginners to start with and can enhance their web development skills easily. Okay, first of all you need to know your current strength and knowledge about web app development. You probably have different simple web app ideas rolling around in your head. But how can you determine that which idea can be easily developed with your current skills set.


A brief discussion is done on simple web app ideas you can get a complete guide for your better understanding here.


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