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Simple Web App Ideas

There are many simple web app ideas for beginners to start with and can enhance their web development skills easily.

Okay, first of all you need to know your current strength and knowledge about web app development. You probably have different simple web app ideas rolling around in your head. But how can you determine that which idea can be easily developed with your current skills set.

Here are different ideas for your first simple web app.

  1. Network Tap:

It is the kind simple web app ideas. As the social media is the simplest way of advertisement. Most of the companies use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and many other social media’s to advertise their products and reach their customers in the middle of the browsing.


  • Every user must be able to create an account with different kind of information like: age, gender, interests and family status etc.
  • Advertisers must be able to create an account and post about their brand.
  • Users and advertisers must agree on simple payment method i-e pay-per-like, pay-per-share, pay-per-click etc.


Note: You can add other functionalities and propose this project.

What you will learn from this simple web app ideas?

Market places are other popular type of site. In this web app idea there are two category of accounts and user account and advertiser account. Messaging between user and advertiser is also included because user and advertiser can communicate easily with each other.

  1. GrillBer:

Suppose that you live in the city where you may not have the place for grill. For example you live on the 15th floor of the building, where you put your grill?

This problem can be solved with GrillBer, this is a simple web app ideas gives a delivery service for grill rentals.

Type of web app service: Delivery


  • There is a form that allows a user to book a grill to a certain number of hours at a certain hourly rate and store this information in database. The user must input name, address etc.
  • Calendar that shows different times on which the grill is available on web.
  • There is another page that shows product details
  • A check out process for payment system.

What you will learn from GrillBer simple web app ideas?

Coordination of front-end and back-end of a booking system of GrillBer. Assume that how many sites do this. Examples of GrillBer are Restaurant booking sites, conference booking sites etc.

  1. FastFood Guru:

Internet is full of these kind of ideas but this is little more different that many of these. Most of the people get simple web app ideas from internet. They have to learn about restaurants that they never heard about before.

Type of site: Reviews


  • User must be able to create account with picture, username and location.
  • To pick up a specific restaurant use Google Maps.
  • User can write a review.
  • Allows user to rate the following fast food restaurants.
  • Responsive design which can run on mobile and also on computer.

What you will learn from this simple web app ideas?

There are two major challenges

  1. User systems.
  2. Picture storage.

Maintain the user system is a difficult task. Implement the basic level of this module. Picture storage is also very difficult. First of all you have to implement the basic level of these two modules.

  1. Coupon Bank:

There are number of websites that allows peoples to exchange coupons on a “one for one” basis. But what about the “long tails” of coupons. Coupons are basically money. This is also a simple web app ideas.

Whatever, you need a bank account to handle this mismatch in a market place. The initial deposit of this bank is $20. Let’s say. Then, every coupon that you ask for will get debited from your account. Any coupon that you are able to successfully give away will be credited.

Type of Site: Peer to Peer Lending.


  • User must be able to create an account and deposit $20.
  • User can be upload photo of coupons.
  • When the user request a coupon, the original poster must mail it to them.
  • Once some body accounts hit $0 he/she cannot be able to request any more coupons.
  • The site charge small fee on very transection to generate revenue.

What you will learn from this simple web app ideas?

This one encompasses a few key concepts of peer to peer lending, albeit with a much lower risk profile. There are millions of people that have free time and are looking for easy way to make more in that free time. How can you make your site the excellent option for this?

Above are the simple web app ideas that you can make and with these ideas you can generate healthy revenue for yourself.

Be Creative:

If you have more ideas about these projects then you can enhance them and don’t feel obligated to build the same projects.

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